Saturday, December 12, 2015

Revenge !!!!!!!!!!!!

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. The impatient crowd was going more impatient. And suddenly she saw two Scorpio with a red beacon approaching towards the store. She didn’t have any time to get surprised and she moved towards the chef’s corner as fast as a bolt. It was dark and she got lost in the dark.
‘Mr. Sabya Mukherjee’ was the name of the cop who entered the café. His batch was looking a bit old suggesting of his years of his service to the department. And he had been accompanied by other 5 constables. He begins to stare everyone out of suspect when an old guy interrupted the officer.
‘We think that one murderer was spotted in this lane. And we need to check this café for the same’, said Sabya. He had that Bengali accent in his voice.
‘You can’t go inside until you have the permission for the same sir.’
The old guy seemed to be as firm as a rock.
The police officer didn’t want to create a scene in front of people. And he went.


‘You should be careful. I cannot deal with this anymore.’ said the old man to the girl.
‘C’mon Papa, Suman deserved better. She had to deal with more complex things that we have to.’ Said the girl who had hidden in the corner.
She kept moving.
‘Atleast listen to me. I am your……’

She had already gone and the last word of her father had lost somewhere in the air. She was a stubborn girl just like her father.

Nandini was not just like another girl in New Delhi. She was prettier by her heart, but her complexion was the exact opposite one. She was a Computer Science student in NIT Delhi. She was a bright student, but she always felt that being ugly was one of the funniest jokes that God had made with her. She had been suffering for the same for years. And guess what? Facebook had made it worse. Tagging her photos seemed to be an unlikely idea for her friends. They would crop out her pics and then they used to post it. Nandini used to just like other’s post and that was the only thing that she could do. She had fought many odds throughout her life.
‘Beauty is God’s handwriting’ and this is what she believed in. She believed herself to be the punctuation of His handwriting. It exists but hardly gets noticed.
She wanted revenge. A bitter revenge. And it was for her friend whom she and the whole college considered to be the most beautiful girl in the whole campus.

………………………………………………Few Months Back…………………..........................

Suman and Nandini were like best friends. Suman was in Information Technology and Nandini was in CS. Both of them and their branches were like cousin sisters. Suman was one of the most beautiful girl in the whole campus. She had that perfect watery eyes. Her hair strands used to sing poetry when they used to flutter in the mild air. Her vocals were the second best engineering done by the God after her contours.
Their friendship hadn’t gone well with the other guys and their friends in the college. They had similar thoughts and ideas but there was hardly any similarity in their complexion. Even the faculty members used to get startled after watching their pair. Suman used to live in Delhi with her sister who had just got married 1 year ago and Nandini used to stay at Girls Hostel. 

‘I like you because I think that you have a beautiful heart. God don’t have much time to create something useless’ Suman used to tell Nandini when she used to be grilled by others for their friendship.

One day Suman begin to cry. Nandini asked her the reason for the same. Her face with teary eyes was one of worst things one could see in his life. However Suman didn’t broke her silence. She was as mysterious as shadow. But one day she finally opened up and told Nandini about her illegitimate relationship with her brother-in-law.

Nandini was in shock. She had only read about these stuffs but never had encountered such thing so closely. Suman said that her brother-in-law forces her for the relationship. She tried to tell her sister but that would only bring shame to their family and herself. She had remained silent for months and now she used to feel guilty for the same. Finally the truth had come out. No matter how deep you bury it, it has a natural tendency to sneak out.

Suman told that making her that beautiful had become curse for her. She used to draw unwanted attention. She used to draw unwanted crowd. Every second guy wanted to spend time with her in school or in college. And Facebook made it worse. Every first guy wanted to have a selfie with her. And none used to forget to tag her in the post. She used to have hundreds of friend request. But she didn’t want these things. She wanted respect not attention. She believed that the former lasts longer than the latter. She wanted few friends. She wanted true friends. And she wanted quantum of solace.
One day while Nandini was in hostel. She was called to Hospital. When she reached there, She found that suman was lying motionless on a bed. Others told her that she had committed suicide. But Nandini didn’t cry.  It was not the right time to shed tears. She looked like a rock. She knew that it was not a suicide, rather it was a murder. Nandini saw that her brother-in-law was too crying. 

Nandini gave a thought in her mind if she could kill him right away. But she remained silent and kept her silence.
And one day she finally killed Suman’s Brother-in-law. The blood stain on the knife was of suman’s brother-in-law.
Nandini tried to set an example by killing her. She knew that her act was not going to bring her back but she did so for her satisfaction.
She had taken months for the planning of the murder. She knew about the loop hole in the police investigation and she executed it perfectly.
She had paid tribute to her best friend until one day she got a call. She hardly could believe her ears. She was suman on the other side but how it was possible. She believed that someone was playing prank with her. The caller asked Nandini if they could meet at the mentioned place.

And guess what?

She was damn Suman. She looked different. She had changed her dressing style and she had begun to use contact lenses. She was looking different but that was the not the question that was shaking the ground beneath Nandini. How the hell she had made it?

‘Hi, Nandini. Howz life?’ she was reacting in such a way if anything hadn’t happened.

‘Sumann? But . How come?’ Nandini was just staring suman out of her amazement.

‘It all was a part of a game. I needed someone to do my job, Nandini. And you did it and that’s too finely.’

‘You were dead? I saw you lying in the hospital. I saw your sister crying like a hell’

‘In fact I had practised stopping my heartbeat. I had also taken few dose of magnesium and that had assisted me to do the same. When the doctor came, he saw that I was skipping my heartbeats and then the signal went flat. He went away and then I was moved further to by some guys who were already there working for me. And then we finally replaced body of mine with another. Also my sister decided to cremate my body electrically and that prevented anyone to see my face for the last time and finally I got my death certificate. It looked tough. But it was all good.’

‘But why? Suman.’

‘There was a reason my friend. It was money. I needed to kill my brother-in-law. He was having a major share in our family business and he was treating us like hell. So I needed someone to do mine job of killing him. You looked perfect to me and then I framed a story about the illegitimate relationship and all that. You believed. I knew that you would believe me. And then I with the help of my sister executed the very next level in my plan.’ She said as she removed her shades.

‘In fact it was ours plan. Isn’t it? And then, all that suicide scenario was framed. I knew that you were going to blame my brother-in-law for everything and you would kill her. I knew that you would kill her but you took months to do the same. I had estimated that even 1 week was going to be tough for you. You loved me. Don’t you?’ 

Nandini fell on the ground. She had murdered an innocent. She had an ugly face and now she had an ugly soul. She broke down completely.

Suman on the other side moved to her car and drove away. The only things that she had left was a shattered soul, betrayed relationship and lots of dust. Nandini didn’t come out of her room for weeks. And then finally she left Delhi and she went away. She knew that she had to travel miles to find solace. She didn’t contact anyone in coming years. Her father too died soon.

Here on the other side. Suman with her sister moved to Goa and then moved to Singapore. They had got what they wanted and now they were enjoying to the full.  

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